Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Best of British : Alexa through the ages

Well, when we mean 'through the ages' we mean more like 'down the decade'. From the age of 16 Alexa Chung has evolved from the original urban outfitter to the nation's style sweetheart. As she  received the  2010 style award at The British Fashion Awards this month, Haute-fly has a little look at her  fashion fix's over the past ten years...

Being scouted by Storm Model agency in her late teens, Alexa had a little bit of a kiss kiss with then popular Australian soap star/ pop star Holly Valance in the video Down Boy!. Music videos with Westlife and The Streets quickly pursued. Although whilst frontman Mike Skinner might have preferred Reebok Classics, Chung's video feature for their single could well be in led to a platform in presenting and her first flutters with fashion....

2006 saw Alexa presenting on T4's Pop World, taking over from the subtle mockery and dry sarcasm of Miquita Oliver. The 12 month contract saw her being serenaded by smooth singer  John Legend, flashing her TOPSHOP panties to Robbie Williams (pre- America and Ayda Fields ) and talking beer barrels, balloons and birthdays with Amy Winehouse.

With the disbandment of the show in 2007, modeling projects with Oxfam, Antipoduim and Vivienne Westwood's Red Label were all taken by the then 24 year old Ms Chung. London based Australian brand Antipoduim was quite fitting as one of Alexa's first assignments, as the brand is known for its versatility and wear-ability and collection of  contemporary shirts, shirt dresses and mini skirts. The mantra of 'its not what you wear, but how you wear it' can be said to be stitched into Chung's current contemporary effortless style.

Frock me! now being seen as a fashion icon in her own right due to column inches and effortless cool style, Alexa teamed up with fresh fashion designer Henry Holland  ( who in his debut collection urged you to  'flick your bean' at fellow northern gal Agyness Dean in Katherine E. Hamnett style tee's) in a two part series. The first dedicated itself to AW08 trends such as vintage and sportswear and SS10 trends such as underwear as outerwear, military and festival fashion.After  features such as 'lex in the city' and 'closet confidential' the show finally frocked off in May this year.


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  4. alexa is a style maven in her own right. she has such an individaul pursuit to clothes that is indelible. its nice to read about alexa before we all knew here as alexa chung.

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