Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pop Your Collar

We've only just recovered from David Beckham's close-up and now H&M is hot on the heels of another creative collaboration, although this time it's a triple threat with both Marni and Sophia Coppolla sharing their  wealth of artistic expression. We're guessing it'll be handbags at dawn once March 8th rolls around and the collections hit 260 stores worldwide.

Marni's Chief Designer, Consuelo Castigioni, is the matriarch of the family fur business label which since its 1994 debut has streamlined it's 'European -inflected bohemanism' onto on high street with ready-to-wear vintage inspired fabrics, bell hemlines and contrast shirts and circular prints. The designs may be off-beat but the label is clearly not off rhythm directing their geometric geek-chic look to their demographic of  females, who take pride in dressing more for other women than men. Castigioni revealed, " It's good to speak to a wider audience, in particular a young generation."

" I can only say H&M is amazing. Their factories, their sourcing... I was really surprised. The only thing that we couldn't do were Jacquards and fur."

For the upcoming high street treat think mainline Marni with the classic cropped jacket making a feature amongst spotted silken suits, boxy tops and Picasso inspired print tees. Although the personal jewels of the collection are the accessories; sequined statement collars and beautiful box bags. Castigioni explained,          " Everything has the same level of quality, craft and attention to detail that Marni is known for."

With stage one complete, film director Sophia Coppolla was drafted in to make sure the designs were not lost in translation from high end to our high street stores. Having interned at Chanel at 15 and graduated to being Marc Jacobs muse in 2002, Coppolla put the finishing touches to the fashion film, set in the magical Marrakesh.

All that is left to say is that we'll see you ladies on the 8th for our 15 minutes designated shopping time and novelty neon wrist bands...

Marni for H&M