Sex and Another City : Olyinka at Anise

Press Release
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                                                              Sex and another City

Girls, take a minute, come sit down and tell us what has been happening… because tonight London city is your date and we are talking fashion, friendship and fun.

Meeting at the ultra-trendy Anise in Aldgate on Monday 24th May from 6 - 8.30pm, ladies be prepared for an experience. The eastern feel venue will be providing a serene atmosphere where lifestyle and glamour will be discussed over cocktails and canapés, courtesy of Cinnamon Kitchen. 

Set in the centre of the energetic and diverse capital, luxury lingerie brand, Olyinka will be showcasing a selection from their debut ‘Lee Lee collection’. Wanting women to feel comfortable and confident, each handmade lingerie piece evokes soft, sultry sophistication whilst embracing pride and playfulness; a perfect fraternity for any single lady.

Like Lulu, accentuate your assets in floral fun, yet if you are naughty by nature, tempt like Tanya in the traditional tempest corset. Alternatively, if you are feeling fun, slip into silk and soften with corsage hair pieces and pearls. With Olyinka, wealth surrounds you, so ladies dream big. Whether you are the muse of the house, outrageous and courageous, tailored and titillating, or pretty and preened raise the bar and get lost in all the Carrie on ….

RSVP your acceptance by contacting Anise at  stating the name of both yourself and guest.