Saturday, 9 January 2010

Now for Hautefly's ultimate top three countdown....

Return of the Mac

No. Not to be confused with the 90s 1 hit wonder. This is the Mac-dress, tailored yet exuding relaxed sophistication. The sheer sleeves could covert this into a daytime nightgown. lushious.


Statement chunky necklaces are in all the look books for 2010. In this piece, the accesory provides a bold contrast to the smoothness, softness and elegance of the lilac, pastel and blue hues.

Bohemian Best...

Sienna once said that Matthew's dresses are what you dream of wearing when you were a little girl... and with Orchid prints being blown up huge scale to replicate coral under the sea... you could act out as Aerial or Ursula [ albeit a very pretty one] in these selection of flowing dresses which really do make you melt.