Saturday, 7 May 2011

Double Exposure

Lindsay Lohan, Li-Lo -  or now just Lindsay since the 24 year old actress formally dropped her surname legally last month - posed for the aptly titled BLANK magazine for the May 2011 edition. Photographed by Stephen Gomillion and Dennis Leupold, Lindsay created a chain reaction puffing and pouting mid cigarette, whilst wearing 70s inspired headbands, metallic jumpsuits, floral and animal prints.

The footfalls of  Lindsay's career were at 3 when she signed to Ford's Models as a child fashion model. Yet Lindsay escaped the parent trap and took the ill-fated position of artistic advisor for French fashion house, Emanuel Ungaro in  2008  and later was a guest judge on Project Runway.

So Lindsay - Overexposed or smokin' hot?


  1. she is so pretty, I remember her from Mean Girls. :)

  2. I'm not Li-Lo's biggest fan but I love these images!

  3. Cool pictures! Love her.


  4. Lindsay is beautiful and if only she knows how to "walk straight", it could have been so much better. Anyways, she is stunning here :)


  5. i absolutely can't stand her. and i get even more irked when celebrities take photos smoking cigarettes. at least try to send somewhat of a positive image to young girls. the only message i'm getting here is "i eat, i pout, i smoke." congrats lohan. pretty girl, but such a hot mess!

  6. i like that first photo. thanks for sharing.

  7. i'm still trying to figure out why she is still on the radar. Cute bra though!

  8. love her!!!!!!!!Look amazing on the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!