Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fashion's like a bubble... Sometimes I feel like popping it

By nature, I am a melancholic person. So I Like to see good and bad in everything, I don't want to put a smoke screen over everything to make it a prettier place, because it's not. Purely for the drama, because life's a drama.
Lee Mcqueen spoke this statement in brutal honesty in his south London lilt. The angry young man who many thought was determined to be both seen and heard in an act of rebellion when he was thrust onto the 90s fashionista scene, was in reality a 26 year old Central St. Martins graduate whom two years after graduation was working for the house of Givenchy.An amazing feat yet one which did not come without high expectations.
A designer who embroidered a tres taboo four letter expletive into the future monarch's sleeve and who's early collection was entitled Highland Rape, self professed, " I don't beat around the bush, I go straight for the jocular". This piece is a celebration of a talented Englishman who stuck two hard fingers up to the sometimes shallow world of fashionistas and then mellowed before our eyes, entwining his poetic vision into both his collections and outstanding,breathtaking and ground-breaking shows. As the shock still resonates from the terrible news of Lee's untimely departure, Hautefly reflects on an original creative mastermind who stitched an explitive finger from Saville Row to Saint- Amroise, who understood construction before he unpicked, re-stiched and then deconstructed the entire fashion envelope. RIP A.L.M x

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