Saturday, 27 February 2010

Frankie says Relax

It is said that aspects of Art are found in the chess composition. McQueen's S/S '05 show is mesmerizing. You are entranced as the formation takes place and witness a plethora of fabric, construction, detail and nationality. McQueen says such a collection and show enabled him to explore different types of women; chess is often divided into black and white, yet the designer explores the aesthetics of all nationalities in his eclectic board game of fun. Quintessential English roses are first onto the platform with sharp tailoring and beautiful attention to detail. Prim and proper with a highland twist to the heels. Next nude shades, delicacy and ditsy amounts of floral. Later pastel yellows are added to the palette, alongside strong mould ensembles which cocoon the feminine silhouette. McQueen was heavily influenced by pictorial photojournalism, and I feel that in this playground, each female is as pretty as a picture.

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