Friday, 8 April 2011

The New Romantics

Chelsea girls start cleaning out your closets! - It's time to turn to mother for your latest fashion fix. Inspired by a precious pair of Chelsea Girl  tan suede hot pants which River Island designer Lucy Moller found in her mother's mound of vintage - a 40 piece collection, from affordable mini skirts to vintage tees has since sprung into life. It's the  second summer of love and Revival of the Romantics!

The family high street store all started from an East London bomb site before re branding the retail chain Chelsea Girl in 1965. The store became a firm  favourite with all girls -  from teens to twenties- with even LOVE editor Katie Grand  recently commenting on how the outlet established her independence.The store was to become the big sister  to high street haven River Island and this month you lucky ladies get to sample a little slice of the seventies. So pop on your rose tinted spectacles and join the  New Romantics of 2011...

 Chelsea Girl: River Island


  1. Love River Island

    x FashionFifth

  2. River Island's great!
    the pictures look lovely!

    XX I.

  3. Excited for this, a little blast from the fashion past never hurt anyone after all:) Well, discounting anything from the 80's of course. X