Friday, 22 April 2011

The Super 6

Highly paid and internationally recognised model and muse, Cindy Crawford yesterday spoke out amongst her campaigns and contracts, on how difficult it was for models in 2011 to navigate themselves to the runway and commercial bookings.

" I do feel like an outsider now. I just saw a CoverGirl commercial with Taylor Swift. I just thought ' wow it is so hard for models to get a job these days, now you have to sing and act too'."

21 years ago on January 1990, Crawford, Campbell, Turlington and Patitz were central on Vogue's cover, signalling the era of the Super Model. From George Micheal's Freedom '90 video to books to dolls to wigs- these girls were the fashion superpowers and had the freedom to do whatever they wished for nothing less than $10,000 dollars a day.

Haute-fly pays duty where it is due to the original girl power.


  1. Those are all quite some women! Great post

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  2. great post!
    they are amazing women and still iconic today. i wonder what the 2000s super 6 would be.

  3. They're all gorgeous. :) I love it.

  4. They are all so beautiful!!xxx

  5. yes, quite a bunch. thanks for this interesting post.

  6. Wonderful inspiration pictures :-)

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  7. inspiration!!! :)

    really really tru models!


  8. beautiful photos, love kate moss !!

  9. Really good montage of their work.

  10. Fantastic post, very thought provoking. I totall agree with her though.Great collection of images xx :o)

  11. after 21 years, they all still got it. they are still amazingly beautiful! who knows, maybe they can sing, too! =)