Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Habitual Pleasures

Ms. Moss looked smoking hot modelling for the Louis Vuitton AW11 collection at Paris Fashion Week today. Fellow friends Naomi Campbell and Carolyn Murphy revealed the risque collection, handcuffed to their handbags.

It was time for tease with fetishism meeting french maid. Designer Marc Jacobs revealed. " There's this crazy, almost irrational desire for these objects, these things we create. We were thinking about obsession, fetishism  and we thought about an old hotel, with it's chambermaids, the affairs, the crimes and the scandals."

As revelations hit today's headlines of tobacco displays in shops being banned and plain packets to be shelved for 2012, Moss makes a stylish statement about smoking.  Old habits die hard and this collection is sure to vapourise once it hits stores. Best get ready for our spring clean...


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