Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lost in Translation

In the aftermath of yesterday's devastating earthquake and Tsunami, 5.6 billion homes are reported to be without power, whilst whole villages have been swept away by the waves which hit the north-east coast of Japan yesterday. The death toll has exceeded to 1,300 and is still yet to rise.

Yukinori Mesuda, from Tokyo, revealed, " We are in an historical, deep grief.  Thousands are searching for their families with no luck, and can now only pray or cry now. We will never lose hope. We shall get back into peaceful life with unity, wisdom and love. Please be with us."

The Japanese Prime Minister vows to help each and every survivor. The UK International Search and Rescue Teams have been dispatched with a team of 63 men and women, rescue dogs and 7 tons of equipment.

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Street Style is a word so easily applied to home-grown fashionistas in 2011, yet it was the streets of Tokyo that first gave this label its lucidity. From Shinbuya and Shinjuku to the vibrant Harajuku district, highly individualistic and avant-garde styles have strode the streets.

From the Kogal look which is part high school musical and part Clueless - to the Ganguro Gal and their brightly coloured outfits, darkened skin and fake eyelashes ( Think the original Nicki Minaj), Japanese guys and gals hold the original block rocking beats. 

The DIY approach to fashion customises traditional elements of Japanese design with original and authentic cuts. With 20 subcultures in Japanese street fashion this is an eclectic underground. Catching the eye of photographer Shoichi Aoki in the late 1990s, the street style magazines FRUiTS! and EGG were laboured. Fruits in Tokyo may cost £40 but their Street Style is priceless...

 Take heed of  Stefani's and Minaj's advice...What you waiting for? Check it out.


  1. great post. so sad. but a nice dedication.

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  3. This is a great, beautiful post. It's so sad what has happened. It's nice that the blogging community is recognizing it.

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