Friday, 18 March 2011

Measure for Measure

Our very own fashion 'Queenie' Ms. Westwood designed these  brilliant limited edition 'chari-tees'. Wholly manufactured in Africa, the cotton has been sourced from fairtrade certified organic cotton co-operates. Model and Vogue Blogger, Laura Bailey revealed on shoot, " Minnie Mouse taffeta shoulders and a stripy silk shirt. I felt like dancing before I 'd even had my coffee!."

Haute-fly snouted out these shot tests pixs for you, the laughing audience. Happy Red Nose day!


  1. Really like The Black Adder tee Mr Lamb (WHAT A BABE!) is wearing! Great designs!

    Katie. x

  2. Thank you for following my blog

    I think i shall have to purchase my self a red nose day top when I go home if there will be any left at easter lol. I'm actually gutted I get to miss it this year:D


  3. I want one of these :) Going out to buy some tomorrow for me and my friends! <3

  4. I really like these tops they are for a great cause!

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