Friday, 25 March 2011

V for Vintage

Vintage may be a term often overused in the fashion vernacular, yet this Riches to Rags tale puts the V word firmly back on it's honourable hanger.  Conceived in November 2009 by founders and siblings Sarah Owen and songstress (and one time florist) Lily Allen, the idea of a 'retail destination' came into fruition and fully blossomed in September 2010.  The Lucy in Disguise store boasts affordable luxury with items ranging from £30 to £300. Lily revealed, " What was really important to me...  was to create a really accessible shopping environment and to try and make people feel as comfortable as possible."
Allen once penned ' I want lots of clothes and fuck loads of diamonds' and Frock me! this Covent Garden store is a lovely little treasure trove. With frocks in full flow - as well as grey goose cocktails- and perfect party packages where you can get your 'do done and make up 'did - this is clearly the modern way to do vintage. Everythings just wonderful!

Check out Haute-fly's hot spot at  Riches to Rags


  1. Would love to visit Lucy in Disguise! Great post xx :o)

  2. Lovely post. Would be awesome if I could go to Lucy in Disguise, Lily Allen is so cool.

    Hugs from: